Email Sequences to Increase Your Revenue for Estheticians

Email Sequences to Increase Your Revenue for Estheticians

Posted by Sarah Kinsler-Holloway on

Every business owner should be collecting emails.   Emails allow you to improve your customer's journey, and when done correctly can help nurture your relationship.

Email lists are extremely powerful, and if you were to ever sell your business, your email list has a monetary value. 

In addition to collecting emails, it's equally important to set up email sequences. An email sequence is a series of emails which are sent out automatically based on the actions of your customer/subscriber.

Here are some ideas of emails sequences you can use within your business to help improve your relationship with your client and bring in more money.  


First Time Client

We all know how important first impressions are.  When a client books an appointment for the first time, we are given a golden opportunity to show them how thoughtful and professional we are. The first email your client receives upon booking for the first time should include:

- a quick note thanking them, and letting them know you're looking forward to seeing them.

- a little bit about your business (keep it short)

- where you're located and where to park if you don't have a parking lot

- what to expect and policies laid out in a clear yet friendly manner

- a way to reach out with any questions


Thank You 

Something we all have in common as human beings is we all love to feel valued and appreciated.   Sending a thank you email to your client is a no-brainer.  I also recommend leaving a link to your business google account so they can easily leave a review. 

Let them know you're looking forward to seeing them again, and let them know how to contact you should they have any questions about aftercare/products, etc.


Pre-Care + Aftercare

Most booking/marketing platforms will allow you to create emails based on the actions of your customer.  For example, I've created a micro-needling aftercare email, and have set it up so that anytime someone books a micro-needling service, they will receive it.  I also have pre-care emails that go out 7 days prior for chemical peel appointments.   You can set these up for any service you'd like!

Once you've automated these emails you no longer have to keep track about who got what, plus it's easily accessible for your clients to refer back to. 


Invitation to Book Appointment

Life happens, and clients may forget to book appointments. If a client hasn't come in within 4-6 months, I recommend sending them a gentle reminder.  You could also direct them to an area where you post specials so they can check them out. 

Last Minute Add-Ons

I've often talked about sending a last-minute add-on email 24 hours before my client's appointment.  The add-ons offered are easy and quick and don't require any additional time, they can simply be worked into the facial.  The reason why I believe this is so effective is because of buyer psychology. 

At the time of booking, they are committing to a certain price based on budget and how they're feeling in the moment.  When we give our clients the option to add on a service for $40 at a later time, that $40 doesn't seem as significant as it did at the time of booking.  So whereas a client may not add on $40 to a $140 service making it $180, two weeks later that $40 upgrade seems a lot more affordable.  In the end they're still paying $180. 



Here are 3 automated retail emails you can set up:

- 3 months after purchasing product sent them a reminder it may be time to purchase more, and send them a link to purchase to make it easy

- A month after their initial purchase of a product you can reach out to see how they're liking it, see if they have any questions, or give tips on your favorite way to use it

- Seasonal emails regarding switching out products within their routine can be a great conversation starter to have them try new products

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  • Sarah, are you able to do all this with Vagaro? I believe you use them as well. I have an automated thank you and a rebooking email but I didn’t know if there is a new client email
    I can set up automatically. Thanks for your help as always!

    Cynthia on

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