20 Blog Ideas for Estheticians

20 Blog Ideas for Estheticians

Posted by Sarah Kinsler-Holloway on

Blogs are a great way to connect and educate our clients, it also improves our websites SEO.  Here are 20 blog ideas you can use now or in the new year

  1. The basics of skincare: make sure to link products that would be perfect for a first-time client. 
  2. Seasonal skincare tips + how to transition your routine: share your favorite products for that particular season and link for easy purchasing
  3. Sunscreen myths and facts: link the different sunscreens you offer and the highlights of each product (no white cast, no scent, etc)
  4. Understanding acne (it's causes, treatments and prevention): include a link to book an acne facial, and make sure to link your favorite products
  5. A guide to different facial treatments you offer:  don't forget to include a booking link, and show before and afters!
  6. The benefits of regular facials
  7. Exploring "natural" and "organic" skincare products
  8. Age-defying skincare - anti-aging tips and products: link your services and products you offer
  9. Coping with common skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea)
  10. The link between stress and skin: this could be a great marketing opportunity or collab with local businesses who specialize in stress relief (gyms, therapists, etc)
  11. Nighttime skincare routine (products and steps for overnight repair)
  12. Understanding skin types and recommended products
  13. Understanding the ABCs of skincare: Vitamin A, B, and C
  14. Treating hyperpigmentation - causes and solutions
  15. Top 10 Skincare myths
  16. Non-Invasive treatment alternatives:  make sure you link your treatments for easy booking
  17. Why Korean skincare and maybe share your story
  18. Favorite skincare travel hacks
  19. What is TEWL and ways to combat it: link favorite products you sell
  20. 3 products you need in your routine


The common thing you'll notice in all of these is making sure you have a call to action, or linking your products and booking site.  

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