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Omega Green: Acne + Rosacea Protocol

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I'm often asked during Discovery Calls, where do I begin and what should I purchase first?    The answer is not always that easy, but I almost always recommend the Omega Green treatment by O'Melon. 

Omega Green is by far one of my most popular treatments in my skincare studio, and I reach for it countless times each week.

It's actually part of my acne facial protocol because of how healing it is.  I also use it for my clients with Rosacea to help improve their symptoms.


What is Omega Green PDT?

Omega Green is a two-part treatment which instantly improves inflamed acne, and erythema or pustules associated with Rosacea.

It's formulated with Chlorophyllin Copper Complex and Allantoin  to trigger the wound healing cascade.  It accelerates the healing of acne lesions, dermatitis, and strengthens the skin's barrier. 

Chlorophyllin Copper Complex has antibacterial properties which kill anaerobic bacteria which may lead to further breakouts.  It also regulates the production of HA in the skin, improving skin hydration and appearance.

Omega Green can be incorporated into just about any facial treatment.  You may use KrX's Clear Peel prior, or use Cryofacial Caps after.  It's a versatile treatment, and honestly the ways to use it are endless. 

Quick note about using in conjunction with chemical peels. Since Omega Green requires LED, it's important that whatever chemical peel you use is completely neutralized, and isn't reactivated by water.




Apply Omega Green 

After cleansing, exfoliating and/or performing extractions mix the Chlorophyllin Copper Complex syringe with the packet of allantoin (included in kit)


Nano-Needle (optional)

O'Melon Omega Green - Kin Aesthetics

As long as the skin barrier isn't severely impaired, nano-needle into the skin. We recommend our dermal needling pen


Blue LED

O'Melon Omega Green - Kin Aesthetics

Apply esthetic wrap over top of mask (included in kit). This prevents the mask from drying out.  Perform 20 minutes of Blue LED. 


PDT Sheet Mask

Apply PDT sheet mask which is included in the kit.  Perform an additional 20 minutes of RED LED.


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