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I get so many questions about Carboxy.

What is it good for?  When can I use it in a facial?  And what can I combine with it?

Carboxy is a oxygenating + hydrating treatment that is great for just about all skin.  However, it is stimulating, so would I would avoid those with grade II + III rosacea, or any type of dermatitis.

KrX's Carboxy treatment works by depriving the skin of oxygen, which creates what is known as the Bohr effect.  Red blood cells are then transported to the skin's tissue which has a profound oxygenating effect.  This increases hydration, and nutrients to the skin.


Who Carboxy is appropriate for

This is appropriate for those with acne, because acne bacteria is anaerobic (can not survive in an oxygenated environment), and for aging or dehydrated skin because of the delivery of nutrients and hydration.  

It's also an amazing addition to any anti-aging facial, including micro-needling!  Carboxy would be the first step, and would replace any form of exfoliation.

Many notice a post glow upon removing the Carboxy mask, and this is completely normal, what you're seeing is the increase in micro-circulation.


How to incorporate into a facial

Carboxy is best used at the beginning of a facial due to its stimulating effect.  Exfoliation is not advised, whether enzyme, or chemical peel.  Dermaplaning is okay as along as it's not a first time client, and you would dermaplane after their Carboxy treatment. 

I often incorporate Carboxy with the Omega Green facial, as an acne facial.  You could also combine it with the V-Tox Lift Mask, as an anti-aging treatment.  You may also do a Carboxy and micro-needling combo treatment.

The take away is that Carboxy would always be the first treatment within your protocol. 

For more product information, including protocol suggestions, you can view the Carboxy Manual


Step by Step Instructions 


KrX Aesthetics Carboxy - by Kin Aesthetics

 Apply a thick layer of Carboxy gel to the skin, avoiding the eye area.



KrX Aesthetics Carboxy - by Kin Aesthetics

Apply Carboxy mask over top and push into skin. You will hear a sizzling sound, and client may experience an initial stinging effect which should quickly dissapate.

If you find the mask is not conforming to the skin, you may add more Carboxy gel on top and press down.


KrX Aesthetics Carboxy - by Kin Aesthetics

Let the mask sit for 10 to 20 minutes


KrX Aesthetics Carboxy - by Kin Aesthetics

Skin may be flushed upon removing the mask, and this is normal. 

Remove the remaining Carboxy gel, and proceed with facial treatment.

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