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Custo:Med: The New Bespoke Korean Facial

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As skin therapists we know that skincare is not one size fits all, and that includes the treatments we perform. 

Skin, our largest organ, responds to ever-changing influences from the inside and out.   That is why we should always customize our treatments, and KrX has just made it that much easier.  

Introducing Custo:Med, a bespoke Korean facial system, that allows us to customize each step in our facial treatments.  This means individualized skincare, targeted treatments, therefore better results and a more personalized experience - which we love!

There has been a lot of anticipation surrounding the release of Custo:Med (early March), and I wanted to give everyone a sneak peak into this amazing new facial system!

This bespoke system can be used to create facial masks, massage mediums, or infusions to use with your nano pen.

The system starts with a cleansing additive called Oxyboost.  It's a tablet made of Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Carbonate.  It's used to carbonate the facial water to release CO2, turning a typical cleanse into a oxygenating and detoxifying experience. 

Base Gels

There are three bases which you can create a mask from: hyaluronic, tea tree and probiotic.   You will choose the base according to your clients skin.  For instance, we recommend the probiotic blend for barrier impairment, hyaluronic acid for dehydration, and tea tree for acne prone skin.


Active Powders

Active Powders are pure and potent ingredients which help target a myriad of skin concerns. They include, Kaolin, Niacinamide, Calamine, Hydrolyzed Collagen, and Tranexamic Acid. You may choose one or two of these powders, and mix them in with a base gel. 



Concentrates are as they sound; concentrated actives which are used for targeted concerns.  They include Q10, Silver, Astaxanthin, Glutathione, Copper Peptide, and Redness Control

Each concentrate delivers the highest and purest form of actives. They can be mixed in with mask formulations, added to a base to create massage mediums, or skincare cocktails for nano infusion (or eletroporation)

So much of what we do as skincare practitioners is intuitive. The ability to address specific skin concerns on a micro level is exactly what our industry needs, and of course it's Korean skincare bringing it to us.

For those who want to learn how to integrate Custo:Med into their practice you can sign up for one of our classes or send us a message 


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