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How To Use KrX Home Care Masks In The Treatment Room

Posted by Sarah Kinsler-Holloway on

I was recently on the phone with another esthetician, and she asked me how to incorporate the KrX Home Care masks in the treatment room.  

I wrote another blog, 4 Ways To Use KrX's Cica Home Care Masks, but I thought it might be helpful to share ways to use the other masks.

Aside from retailing, you can use each of these masks in the treatment room, and here's how:



The Cica sheet mask is the most versatile of the home care masks.

  • Apply after the Bioherb 50 Peel
  • Use to soften the Green Sea Peel
  • Apply post chemical peel to soothe the skin
  • Use after a full face wax
  • Incorporate into any facial where the client may need some hydration and antioxidant protection.



A gentle salicylic treatment (just 2%) that can be used to prep the skin for a deep cleaning/acne facial.

  • Apply pre-extractions to soften the skin
  • Apply post-extractions to help soothe, and kill acne causing bacteria
  • Use before the Omega Green as a gentle exfoliating treatment



This 2% Glycolic formula is best used for skin rejuvenation and brightening.  

  • Incorporate into a brightening facial, as an exfoliating step
  • Use before a hydrafacial as an added step of exfoliation (as long as it's not a first time client)



A 1.3% retinol formula, similar to the Glycolic home care masks, is best for skin rejuvenation. 

  • Use before a hydrafacial (as long as it's not a first time client)
  • Use as a masking step within an anti-aging facial


Tranexamic Acid + Arbutin

Tranexamic Acid, is not an exfoliating acid, instead it's a powerful brightening agent. It can be used at any point in a facial.

  • Use as a masking step within any brightening facial
  • Apply after performing the V-Tox Lift Mask, use as a finishing step 
  • Nano-needle remaining essence into skin 



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