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Building Your Brand Identity: Tips for Creating a Memorable Brand for Estheticians

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Becoming a solo esthetician takes us from esthetician to entrepreneur.

An important component to creating a successful esthetics business is building a strong brand identity.  This means various elements like our mission, values, visual design, messaging and overall personality, becomes recognizable and memorable to our clients.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to build a brand identity:

Define Your Brand Strategy

Start by clarifying your business's purpose, mission and values. Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What do you want to be known for?
  2. What problem does your business solve?
  3. What sets you apart from competitors/what's your secret sauce? 
  4. What is important to you?  

Here’s an example (warning, TMI):  European Wax Center may be the least personal experience I've ever had while getting a brazilian wax . They expect you to get undressed with the esthetician in the room with absolutely no privacy.  And after the service has concluded, the esthetician cleans up while you get dressed, again with no privacy, and by the time you’re done checking out, they've already called their next customer back.  Talk about an assembly line.  They're strategy is to get as many bodies waxed as quickly as possible to make the most amount of money.  For some of their customers that may not bother them, but for others, like myself, I don't love feeling like another chicken waiting to be plucked, and I never went back.  So that is not how I choose to operate my business. 

What’s important to me is that my clients always feel like they’re the most important thing in the world, and that this time has been carved out especially for them. I don’t want them to feel rushed, and I want them to feel like I’ve taken the utmost care in making sure their experience is enjoyable.  To do this I strategically stagger my appointments so that 99% of the time, my customers don’t even see each other.  This allows my space to feel exclusive, and it allows me to take the time I need with them before and after their appointment to build a rapport. 

Another example is the fact that I specialize in professional Korean skincare.  Not only am I truly passionate about Eastern skincare, but I also love that I offer something different than what others are doing.   It’s how I stand out in a city full of day spas and solo estheticians. 

So you could say that my brand identity includes providing a personalized and unique experience, where I offer innovative result-driven treatments centered around professional Korean skincare. 

Understand your Target Audience

Understanding who your audience is, is essential in target marketing.  You have to understand their needs, preferences and desires.  Your brand identity has to be able to resonate with this specific audience.

For example, I offer a variety of unique skin treatments, which are priced from $125 - $250. In my area, this would be considered the average cost of a facial.  As a solo esthetician, who started her business with zero clients, I knew my target audience would be women who had enough money to indulge in professional self-care services, but who were also invested in their community.   Let me expand on that….

The community who fiercely supports their community is by far a better return on your investment, than throwing money at Facebook ads.  I believe in every city there is a network of people who thoroughly want to support small businesses and want to see the small guy win.  Guess what, we are the small guys!  So why not find this group of people, let them know you exist, network, cultivate relationships, and build advocates!?

For me this community existed at a boutique fitness studio, a local flower farm, and small retail shops.  I introduced myself, offered complimentary services to the business owners, supported their businesses by buying, posting, and sharing, and honestly, this networking is what I attribute to my success!  

If you’re spray tanning in a college town, reach out to sororities. If you specialize in permanent makeup, especially brows, reach out to organizations who help those with hair loss and suggest a partnership.  If waxing is your niche, create such a unique and pleasant experience that it keeps people coming back.

Once you’ve identified who your ideal client is, figure out how to connect with them.

Develop A Brand Voice

How do you want to communicate with your customers? What is your style and tone which aligns with your brand’s personality?  Are you formal and professional, or more friendly and approachable.  Think about your target audience.  Sorority girls coming in for spray tanning may feel more comfortable with friendly and approachable, while affluent boutique gym-goers may be looking for something a little more luxurious and professional.  On the flip side, those experiencing hair loss due to a medical condition may be looking for a friendly and approachable esthetician who is also a bit more formal and professional due to the nature of the service.  

Consistency in your brand voice helps build recognition and trust. 

Brand Name

Choose a name that represents your brand’s identity and is easy to spell and remember.  Try not to pigeonhole yourself by including a service in your business name (ie. Ann Arbor Waxing) unless you know for certain that’s all you want to do.  


Logos are a visual centerpiece of a brand. Colors evoke emotions and attributes you want your brand to convey.  And typography is a font or group of fonts that complement your brand’s style.  All three of these visual elements enhance your brand’s identity and add depth and uniqueness. I highly recommend hiring someone who specializes in branding to create these for you. 


Every solo esthetician should go one step further than a booking site like Vagaro or Gloss Genius and actually build a website that reflects their brand through design, content, and user experience.  Ensure it’s easy to navigate and provides all the details prospective clients would want to know about you! 

A blog sharing 10 things every esthetician's website should have, coming soon!

Deliver A Great Customer Experience

Your brand's identity extends beyond visuals. Ensure that every interaction with your business aligns with your brand values and leaves a positive impression on customers. 

Evolve + Adapt

As your business grows, your brand identity may evolve too.  Stay attuned to market trends and customer feedback and be willing to adapt your brand strategy accordingly.   Branding is an ongoing process, and it requires patience, consistency, and dedication. 

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