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Spicules: A Natural Alternative to Chemical Peels

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Spicules offer an alternative to chemical peels. The advantage is it's safe for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, there is no protein denaturation, and results are seen after just one treatment!

But, what are spicules?  It's a relatively new treatment in the US, although it has been used in Eastern Asia and Russia for centuries.

Spicules form the exoskeleton of marine sponges or certain types of coral.  When massaged into the skin they create a micro-channeling effect, and act as a trans-epidermal delivery system. 

Once embedded into the skin they create a histamine reaction, bringing red blood cells to the surface of the skin, thus having an oxygenating effect. As they dissolve, they release a polypharmacy of vitamins, minerals, natural steroids (Vitamin D), and antibiotics which help stimulate collagen, normalize melanocyte activity, and improve cellular health.

Spicules and chemical peels are very different in their composition, application, pre-care, and post care.

Spicules in their natural state, are 100% natural and contain just one ingredient, hydrolyzed sponge/coral.  They are safe to use on those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

They do not contain any acids, therefore, unlike chemical peels, protein denaturation will not occur.  You will not have to worry about it traveling deeper than intended and burning the client - a huge advantage!


KrX has two spicule treatments:  BioHerb 50 and the Green Sea Peel


BioHerb 50 is a gentle resurfacing treatment that is a great precursor to the Green Sea Peel.  It can be used to prepare your client for the prickling sensation they'll experience with the Green Sea Peel  (although it's not nearly as prickly), or can be retailed to your client so they can use it prior to the Green Sea Peel to achieve better results.


The Green Sea Peel is a spicule peel that comes with a botanical infused excipient. This peel (depending on protocol followed) will completely resurface the skin, improving texture, pigment, and stimulating collagen production.


If you're not familiar with spicules, I offer a free online course to get you started. 


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