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KrX Green Sea Peel

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Spicules are an alternative to the traditional chemical peel.

The Green Sea Peel is a resurfacing treatment without the protein denaturation, and it's safe for all fitz, provided they're on an appropriate pre-peel protocol. 

Some Information About Spicules

Spicules form the exoskeleton of marine sponges or certain types of coral.  They are mainly composed of calcium carbonate, or silicon dioxide.  Due to their structure, with their sharp-like edges, they create a microchanneling effect, and they also act as a transepidermal delivery system.

Once pushed into the skin, and after dissolved, they release a polypharmacy of vitamins, minerals, natural steroids (Vitamin D), and antibiotics. 


KrX Green Sea Peel

The Green Sea Peel is an incredible resurfacing treatment that targets hyperpigmentation, stimulates fibroblast activity, and immensely improves skin texture.


Tips for using The Green Sea Peel

  • For one week prior to peel advise your client not to use hydrating masks and moisturizers
  • For those prone to PIH, make sure they are on a tyrosinase inhibitor for at least 2 weeks beforehand
  • Do not wash the skin for 24 hours after peel, and avoid any activities which would increase body temperature (working out, saunas, hot showers) for 48 hours
  • Recommend a series of 2 or 3 peels for best results


View Full Protocol or check out our free Korean Spicule Training 

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