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Getting Creative With KrX's Custo:Med Concentrates

Posted by Sarah Kinsler-Holloway on

Have you checked out the mixology guide I created for KrX Aesthetic's Custo:Med line?  In the guide you'll find ingredient info, mask + infusion recipes, and full facial protocols. 

But, I thought it might be fun to share some other ways to incorporate Custo:Med into your treatments.

But first, let's discuss what KrX concentrates are.  These colorful little gel tabs, contain potent active ingredients, such as colloidal silver, Q10, and Copper Peptides. They are designed to be added to one of KrX's base gels to create face masks, massage mediums and more. 

I like to have fun in the treatment room, so I've created this guide for those who like to do the same.   Here are some alternative ways to use KrX Concentrates:


Custom Cryofacial Cap Mask

Take an already amazing treatment and amplify it with a concentrate of course.  I recommend Redness Relief or Astaxanthin for their hydrating and barrier repairing properties.

Mix two Cryofacial Caps together with 120ml cold water.   Apply over gauze, and voila! 


Add Concentrates to Creams
For a little extra attention to skin concerns, mix one of KrX's concentrates into a moisturizer and apply to skin. 


Use Concentrates with a Skin Spatula

Mix one concentrate with a little bit of base gel of choice, and use a skin spatula to infuse.  This is a great exfoliation-free infusion (an alternative to nano-needling), which is best for those with compromised skin.  


Mix with the Green Sea Peel

Customize the Green Sea peel by adding a concentrate.  Q10 and Astaxanthin are my go to. 


Mix with the Ultra V-Tox Lift Mask

Maximize the benefits of the V-Tox Lift Mask. Mix the V-Tox Lift as you normally would, but add in a concentrate like Q10


One of the things I love so much about the KrX line is how versatile it is.  Once you know the benefits of each product, and their contraindications you can really pair different treatments together to create your own custom protocols!


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