Neogenesis Spotless Radio Frequency Plasma Device

The Spotless by Neogenesis is a multi-functional plasma device, complete with CE certification, a one year warranty, and lifetime maintenance.

This handheld device can be used to remove milia, cherry angiomas, and skin tags.  It can also be used for fibroblast skin tightening, and microchanneling. 

The Spotless is not cordless, so you don't have to worry about charging, and it provides a high output of 24V and a stable wavelength that is equipped with an overheat prevention function for safety. 

There are four types of reusable tips that can be used with the device.  To clean tips please follow universal precautions recommendations.

Device comes with one regular tip and one fine tip)

Disclaimer: We do not offer training for this device.  We are a distributor not manufacturer.


Neogenesis Spotless Device Regular Tip | Kin Aesthetics
REgular tip

The regular tip causes plasma sparks in the skin tissue which vaptorizes milia, without side effects, within seconds.

Can also be used to remove skin tags, and cherry antiomas.

Fine TIp

The fine tip is used for milia or skin tag removal, or is the perfect tip for fibroblast skin tightening.

Flat Tip

The flat tip provides wide thermal energy which is used for promoting collagen production, and can help with product absorption.

Fractional tip

The fractional tip temporarily weakens the skin barrier, allowing products to travel deep within the skin without injections.