KrX Cica Recovery Bundle

Calm and hydrate with this essential recovery bundle.  

Cica Recovery 2-in-1 Cleanser

A unique antioxidant rich formula that creates an oxygenating foaming effect on contact.

This plant based cleanser can also be left on the skin as a deep cleansing mask.  The combination of ceramides, peptides, and healing botanicals make this a suitable cleanser for all skin types.

Cica Recovery Toner

An antioxidant rich toner that is formulated to restore the skin's barrier. This plant-based toner is suitable post laser or chemical peels. 

Contains fermented ingredients such as Tremella fuciformis and Lactobacillus.


Cica Recovery Serum

This recovery serum is antioxidant rich, with the soothing properties of Cica (short for Centella Asiatica). 

Plant-based ingredients such as Soybean Ferment Extract, and Hydrolyzed Pea Protein help strengthen the skin barrier, protecting it from free radical damage. 


Cica Recovery All Day Cream


Recovery All Day Cream is an antioxidant rich formula containing fermented extracts, made to protect and strengthen the skin's barrier.

The blend of ceramides and antioxidants makes this cream perfect for post laser or chemical peel treatments.