Korean Products I'm Loving

Korean Products I'm Loving

Posted by Sarah Kinsler-Holloway on

I remember being in Korea and learning that I could pay my bill at the restaurant with my phone. This was years (like a decade) before it was even possible in the United States. 

I also remember not having to checkout at stores, and it automatically knew what I was purchasing and charged my card accordingly. Again, years before it was a thing here in the US. 

Because I've witnessed firsthand how far ahead Korea (and Asia in general) is, I always look to them first when trying to find unique, practical and efficient products. 

I went through my home and treatment room and took note of all of the (mostly) Korean-made products we currently use and wanted to share some of them.
It's a deviation from the normal skincare + business posts, but I thought it would be fun!  Let me know if you like this type of content!


Osolloc tea is a cherished traditional beverage known for its unique flavor and potential health-promoting properties. From aiding digestion to promoting relaxation, Osolluc tea is the perfect blend of tradition, flavor, and wellness.  I drink this at home, have served it in my studio, and have even given the tea away as gifts to my OG clients because it's so pretty.


Since I'm a busy mom I will often the make the tea overnight and then store in Blue Gingko silicone water bottles.   The nice thing about these water bottles is they are travel friendly. They completely collapse which makes them super convenient. 


Alright, on to something totally cliche, but I have to, haha.  This rice cooker is a game changer.  Cuckoo is super popular in Korea because it's well made, and it steam cleans itself!  You can use it to make rice, oatmeal, quinoa and other grains!


Another piece of cookware I love are Sui Ceramic Frying Pans.  A couple of years ago we threw away all of our Teflon cookware and opted for something safer. I especially love these because they are non-stick and don't require oil or butter!


Two random things that I keep in my purse at all times are these amazing pens, (which admittedly aren't Korean they're Japanese), and this super handy and cute nail kit. So cute right?!  Also, they're really affordable. 
Last but not least, and kind of silly (but I swear it works) is this nose hair trimmer. Also, before you judge, I don't keep this in my purse, it's just somehting I got for my husband and then decided to get one for myself. I'm just not a nose waxing type of gal. This makes it easy and painless!
There you have it - this is just an abbreviated version of all my Korean finds.  Also, due to requests, I have created an Amazon storefront where I have shared my favorite things in and out of the treatment room.  These are only things I actually use and love.  They've either made my life easier, healthier or more enjoyable. 


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  • Surprisingly enough, THIS was exactly what I needed to read today! Thank you :)

    Mindy Martinez on
  • Sarah I adore these posts. Keep them coming!

    Tiffany Pankey on
  • Oh I Love this!!!! Thank you for sharing. Please keep doing these type of things.

    Kristin Louise on

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