The ultimate bridal facial + promo ideas

The ultimate bridal facial + promo ideas

Posted by Sarah Kinsler-Holloway on

Wedding season is upon us and if you haven't already started promoting your bridal services, this blog is for you. 

I'm going to share my signature bridal facial, clever ways to include value, and ways to network. 


Bridal Facial 

Deep Cleanse & Exfoliation: The journey begins with a thorough yet gentle cleanse to remove makeup, impurities, and dead skin cells. This generally includes a warm oil cleanse followed by a gentle enzyme treatment cleanse. This gentle exfoliation further enhances the skin's receptivity to the following steps.

  1. Carboxy CO2 Oxygenating Mask: This innovative mask utilizes carbon dioxide (CO2) gel to gently increase blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the skin. This results in a brighter, more plump, and revitalized complexion.

  2. VTOX Lifting & Tightening Mask: Following the oxygenating boost, the VTOX mask is applied. VTOX helps to lift and tighten the skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This leaves the bride with a sculpted and youthful appearance. Check out my advanced Vtox Protocol.

  3. Hydrating Serum & Moisturizer: A lightweight hydrating serum and ceramide-rich moisturizer are applied to lock in moisture and leave the skin feeling soft and supple.


Adding Value

  • Elevate the experience with a calming hand or foot massage. I love using KrX's Cocoa Massage Cream

  • Offer the bride the option to personalize the facial with add-ons like targeted eye treatments or lip masks for an extra touch.

  • Set the mood for celebration with a pre-facial mocktail


How to Package

Create a package that combines the facial with other services or retail leading up to the wedding day, such as:

  • Trial Facial: A few weeks before the wedding day, allow the bride to experience the facial and discuss any concerns.
  • Brow Shaping & Lash Tinting: Perfectly groomed brows and tinted lashes enhance the eyes for a naturally beautiful look. This would be an amazing add on.
  • Home Skincare Regimen: Provide the bride with a customized skincare routine to maintain her radiant complexion throughout the wedding week.
  • Honeymoon Ready: If you provide spray tanning, this would be a great way to add value to a facial package.  Or you could provide a TSA friendly skincare travel kit as part of the package.



  • Collaborate with wedding photographers.  Whether you do the bride-to-be's makeup or share your clients wedding photos on your own social media.  Just make sure you tag the photographer.  You could even offer them a complimentary facial. Building relationships leads to referrals. 
  • Partner with bridal shops to do a facial giveaway or offer gift certificates as wedding shower gifts. This could be a great way to increase your exposure!
  • Co-host a floral arrangement event, or collab with local florists with an exclusive offer for their customers. You could even sign up for a flower subscription for your studio.
  • Reach out to event planners.  Offer them a complimentary service and/or a special offer for their bridal clients.

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