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10 Ways To Build Your Spa Clientele

Posted by Sarah Kinsler-Holloway on

When I started my business I had just a handful of clients.  Here are 10 ways to build your clientele and bring in more money

1. Stop relying on social media and start networking

Don't get me wrong, social media can be a great tool in building a business, but it's definitely not the first place to start when you have zero clientele.  In order to get your name out there, you have to be willing to put yourself out there, and that means networking!  Check out my blog Strategies for Success as a Solo Esthetician  for networking ideas

2. Have a professional website

Booking sites like Vagaro or Gloss Genius are great, but having a website allows way more flexibility in terms of customized online shopping, blog posts, and not to mention it enhances your credibility as a business.

3. List your business on google

Most consumers look at reviews before they book appointments.  Having a google profile will allow clients to leave reviews.  You can also add photos of your business, post specials, list business hours, and post your offerings.

4. Perfect the customer journey

From easy online booking, to appointment expectations, make every step of your client's journey easy, and enjoyable.  

5. Ask for reviews

Reviews on google (do not use Yelp), will help you rank higher.  Find creative ways to ask for reviews, or follow my strategy...I no longer accept tips, and ask for google reviews instead!

6. Collaborate with other businesses

Check out the other small businesses within your town.  Figure out how you can bring value to their business, and approach them about a collaboration that would be mutually beneficial.  

7. Treat your clients like gold

Building a relationship with clients is going to be key in getting referrals.  Be flexible (while still maintaining boundaries), be positive (don't trouble them with your bad day), let them know you're thinking of them (a birthday or congratulatory text), show gratitude (thank them for referrals every single time)

8. Be open to feedback

Feedback in business is so important.  Sometimes it can be hard to hear, but think of it as an opportunity to grow.  Maybe clients suggest new services, or a new booking process....just be open.

9. Blog + Write Newsletters

Writing blogs is great for SEO (search engine optimization), which means it helps your business rank higher on google.  In addition, both blogs and newsletters help enhance credibility and it reminds your clients or perspective clients that it's time to book an appointment.

10. Be Yourself

Stop wasting time worrying about what other estheticians are doing around you.  Your ideal client finds and supports you because you're you.  Be authentic, and be open to opportunities, and good things will come!

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  • How do you suggest asking for feedback? An email for anonymous comments?

    Cynthia Kopylec on

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