KrX Custo:Med Oxyboost CO2 Tablets

This is part of the Custo:Med Bespoke Collection.

Oxyboost is the first step in the Custo:Med facial system. It is used to carbonate the facial water to release CO2.

The Oxyboost CO2 tablets offer a gentle, yet effective way to break up dirt + makeup on the skin. Sparkling water, a technique which originated in Japan, has become very popular in Korea. 

Carbonated water acts as a vasodilator, increasing microcirculation increasing blood supply and the delivery of nutrients to the skin. 

Comes with 20 tablets, and you'll use one tablet per cleanse. 

Backbar cost:  $.75


Mix 1 tablet with 50ml of water, and use with preferred cleanser for an oxygenating and detoxifying cleanse

Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate


Guide + Protocols

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