Ultrasonic Skin Spatula with Skin Analysis

A Korean favorite. The Derma W Skin Spatula is not your average skin spatula.  With smart skin analyzer it has the ability to read hydration levels in real time by measuring the electrical resistance of your skin. 

In addition to this unique feature, it also has three modalities: cleansing, nutrition and firm mode. 

Cleansing Mode: the powerful oscillation (30,000-33,000hZ) creates ultrasonic waves which loosen and draw excess debris from pores as it slides over skin. 

Nutrition: this mode enables water-soluble ingredients like vitamin c to penetrate deeper into the skin. 

Firming: best for fat-soluble ingredients, like retinol, to help increase absorption

Please note: On the back of the skin spatula is a gold circle. Make sure to touch this terminal when using the nutrition or firm mode.

The Skin Analyzer works in conjunction with a free app, which is shared in the instruction manual. 

Cleansing mode

deep cleansing

The cleansing mode can be used with cleansers, enzymes, KrX Pre-Extraction mask to effectively and efficiently lift debris from the skin + loosen stubborn black heads.

Pro Tip: Always use this mode on damp skin. Using a damp fan brush can help.


nutrition mode

water soluble infusion

Nutrition mode should be used with water soluble ingredients like Vitamin C, and depending on the molecular weight, Hyaluronic Acid.

Our favorite way to use this mode is over sheet masks.

Firming mode

oil soluble infusion

Used in the same manor as the nutrition mode, but with oil soluble ingredients like Vitamin A, and ceramides.

Works well with moisturizers such as KrX Youthplex Face Lift Cream.