KrX Treatment Protocols

KrX Aesthetics Carboxy | Kin Aesthetics

Carboxy Therapy is an oxygenating treatment that increases circulation, improves skin texture, and has a powerful brightening effect.

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KrX Vtox by Kin Aesthetics

Dubbed a facelift in a bottle. V-Tox is a revolutionary formula which provides an immediate visible lift in just under an hour.

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KrX Aesthetics Green Sea Peel Kin Aesthetics
Green Sea Peel

The Green Sea Peel is a spicule resurfacing treatment that is natural, safe for all fitzpatricks, and safe during pregnancy.

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KrX Aesthetics PD-13

PD-13 Therapy is a professional use only product.

It is also referred to a medication-free acne recurrence prevention treatment that reduces sebaceous glands activity and kills acne causing bacteria.  

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The Bioherb 50 is a light spicule peel, that offers a gentle exfoliation.

It is a great precursor to the Green Sea Peel.  It offers gentle exfoliation that is safe enough to be used at home.

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Pfect-A Ze-Tox | Kin Aesthetics

Ze-Tox™ contains both Snap-8™ and Acetyl Hexapeptide-8.   Snap-8™ is a octapeptide which is a polypeptide chain consisting of 8 amino acids.  It's known as a neuropeptide which is marketed as a alternative to Botox to help reduce fine lines.

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KrX Chemical Peels

KrX Aesthetics Blue Peel | Kin Aesthetics
BLue Peel

10-minute gentle resurfacing peel suitable as a first step to most facial treatments. It contains a melody of acids to effectively dissolve buildup.

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KrX Aesthetics Clear Peel | Kin Aesthetics
Clear peel

KrX Clear Peel is a 30% Salicylic Acid with added antioxidants, like Green Tea. Perfect for acne and rosacea

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KrX Aesthetics Glow Peel | Kin Aesthetics
Glow Peel

KrX's Glow Peel is a gentle (2.9pH) 40% glycolic acid skin renewal peel that lightens hyperpigmentation, and leaves the skin glowing.

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KrX Aesthetics Brightening Peel Kin Aesthetics
Brightening Peel

A 40% Lactic Acid Peel that contains a host of melanin inhibitors: Kojic Acid, Bearberry Extract, Licorice Root, and of course Lactic Acid.

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KrX Lazer peel | Kin Aesthetics
LaZer Peel

The LaZer Peel is a medium-depth peel (pH 1.7) that combines multiple acids to deliver a brightening effect, similar to a laser treatment.

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KrX R3 Therapeel Kin Aesthetics
R3 Therapeel

An anti-aging and brightening peel in one. The Therapeel is 3% retinol (pH 1.8) peel for total skin rejuvenation.

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Pfect-A Illumin Peeling Solution | Kin Aesthetics
Illumin Peel

The Pfect-A Illumin peel uses 4 Types of Acids; TCA, AHA, BHA and PHA to instantly provide a brightening effect,and gentle resurfacing.

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Facial Protocols

KrX Aesthetics Carboxy | Kin Aesthetics
Fire + Ice

Fire and Ice facial is a popular skincare treatment that combines two contrasting steps to rejuvenate the skin. It typically involves the application of two different masks, one with warming properties (fire) and the other with cooling properties (ice).

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