4 Ways to Set Yourself Apart as a Solo Esthetician

4 Ways to Set Yourself Apart as a Solo Esthetician

Posted by Sarah Kinsler-Holloway on

We never want our clients to feel like they're "just another face".  Anything we can do to personalize their experience will not only help strengthen our relationship, but it will also create a memorable experience that's share-worthy.

Here are some ways to give that golden experience:

Email Automations

Emails are a great way to enhance the customer journey.  I recommend setting up automated emails, and here are some that I do:

Welcome Email - Each new client receives a welcome email that thanks them for booking, shares a little bit about my business, what to expect, and where to park.  There is also a link to my website, a shopping link, and link to my google reviews.

Pre-Treatment Email - If a client has booked a microneedling session or chemical peel treatment, they receive an email ahead of time reminding them to refrain from actives, and sharing what to expect post service. Even though we went over it at their consultation, many people forget, so this is a nice reminder.

Google Review - Each client receives a thank you email, with a request to leave a google review or leave anonymous feedback.  For their convenience, I provide links for both. 

Post-Care Email - I send postcare emails out for my more advanced treatments.  This serves as a reminder, and something they can refer back to if needed.

I haven't seen you in awhile - If three months has passed since I've seen a client they automatically get a gentle reminder that they're due for a facial, or possibly a refill on skincare products.  

Email automations are exactly as they sound, automated.  That means I do not have to physically send these emails out to clients. Instead, they are sent based on triggers, such as booking as a first-time client, or booking a micro-needling treatment.  Of course, I write the emails and set up the flow on my booking site, which is Vagaro by the way, but after that it will automatically send emails to clients based on where they're at in the customer journey.


Follow Ups

Retention is in the follow ups. Following up with our clients makes them feel special, which is innately how we all want to feel.  I will follow up with my clients after a new product purchase, or even after advanced treatments.  This may not seem like much, but there are a lot of estheticians who don't do this, and so this is a great way to set yourself apart.

I also want to mention, we are like therapists for a lot of our clients. So, if I know my client is going through a particularly difficult period, I will make sure to send a text message letting them know I'm thinking of them.


Birthdays/Life Events

I make sure to wish all of my OG clients a happy birthday, or if they're coming in, I will get them a little pastry from the French bakery down the street.  I have also sent flowers to a hospital as a get well soon, or as a congratulations on a new addition to the family. 


Customizing The Experience

A couple of days before my client's appointment, they receive an automated email that lets them "customize" their experience.   From choosing last minute add-ons, to choosing the scent of their towels, it gives client's the ability to have a hand in creating their experience. 

Quick note about add-ons:  Allowing clients to choose last minute add-ons that can easily be slid into their service increases the ticket value and has routinely increased my revenue by $1200 - $1500 a month.  

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