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Introducing Corthe: A Corneotherapeutic System

Posted by Sarah Kinsler-Holloway on

Corneotherapy was first introduced in the 1960's by the American dermatologist and professor, A.M. Kligman.

The principle of Corneotherapy is to provide preventative treatments to correct, restore and protect the stratum corneum barrier from intrinsic and extrinsic factors. 

"A key principle of Corneotherapy is to keep the epidermis intact at all times, with the therapeutic actions working from the outer layers of the epidermis inward. This approach of retaining the integrity of the epidermis ensures the skins defense and immune systems are not stimulated unnecessarily." *

Corthe is a professional product line formulated with CTS™ (Corneotherapeutic System); a process of putting Human Growth Factors into liposomes to facilitate skin absorption.  It promotes skin cell activation, and helps restore the skin's barrier. 

CTS™ supplements the skin with HGF's that naturally decrease as we age, which helps strengthen the barrier, and activates cells.

Corthe has a wide range of professional and homecare products, and are perfect for the ingredient minded esthetician.  You can check out our catalog here!


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  • I love to learn more about the Corthe line. Please let me know when the catalog will be available.

    Cathy Zubriski on
  • I’d love a copy of this catalog please.

    Shana on
  • I’d love a copy!

    Shana on
  • Hey!! Looking forward to the catalogue! Please keep me in mind, I would like a copy please. Thank you! :)

    Lori Renteria on
  • Please let me know when the catalog is available

    Denise on
  • I’d love to know once the catalog out.

    Jama on
  • Hi I am very interested

    Gaby Romero on
  • Hi! I’m aesthetician from New York. I will like to getting a training about all your products lines. Thank you!

    Ana nunez on
  • Please update me on this, thanks, Sarah.

    Gina Johnson on
  • interested too :)

    Pa Vue on

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