6 Tips For Getting Better Results With The KRX V-Lift Facial - by Kin Aesthetics

6 Tips For Getting Better Results With The KRX V-Tox Facial

Posted by Sarah Kinsler-Holloway on

The V-Tox Facial...One of my most booked services, and for good reason.

This treatment is like an instant face lift, and the results keep my clients coming back for more. 

I wanted to share 6 tips for better results while using KrX's V-Tox Treatment


  1. The Leaf Plasma Fusion device is a must for me.  This handheld tool has 3 modalities: plasma micro-channeling, electroporation and microcurrent. I use all 3 modalities during the facial. 
  2. Use a rubber mask brush for application. It just makes clean up a lot easier. 
  3. Use a fan to help the mask set quicker. 
  4. Rehydrate the mask after it has dried with a hydrating toner, like KrX's Youthplex Face Lift Toning solution
  5. After removing the V-Tox treatment, apply a sheet mask and use the Leaf device on the electroporation setting.  This just brings additional hydration to the skin.  Any sheet mask will do, but I highly recommend checking out Corthe's sheet masks
  6. Remove the sheet mask and use the microcurrent setting on the Leaf. Take your time, and use upward strokes. 

Watch the short reel I made showing all of these tips in action!

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