Confidence With Chemical Peels: Online Training

Feel confident in choosing the right chemical peel.  Feel empowered to create your own protocol.  This course was created to help estheticians understand when, and how to properly use chemical peels.  

This course covers:

Philosophy + Theory: Our first line of duty is to protect the skin's barrier. We will show you how with our conservative approach

pH + Depth: Determining the actual strength of a chemical peel

Layers of the Skin: A Review

Alpha Hyroxy Acids: What they are + What they do

Beta Hydroxy Acids: Why salicylic is the golden standard in treating acne

PHA + Other Acids: What they are + What they do

Fitzpatrick Scale: A Review

How To Choose The Appropriate Chemical Peel: Indications + Considerations

Pre + Post Care

Application + Stacking Protocols: How to apply a chemical peel (including a demo video) + why we don't recommend stacking protocols

Chemical Peel Tips + Precautions: How to get better results safely


Protocols for each of KrX Chemical Peels for those interested